1. MPR's The Current a Keeper

    brian on 2005.02.04
    at 06:00 pm

    Been listening all day to MPR’s The Current.
    It’s a keeper.
    Yes, MPR means Minnesota Public Radio. The Current is a station they’ve just started up with current music. Lot’s of genres, and no commercials. Occasional mention of what’s going on around St. Paul. No DJs talking over music, and only intelligent commentary. A great station to tune into for the working hours.

    Side note: the internet feed runs the new aacPlus format, that currently is only supported in VLC. That’s a gutsy choice, but it sounds awesome and the network overhead is tiny. Can’t wait to see this format adopted in more mainstream players, like iTunes. Proof once again MPEG-4 is the future of audio and video.

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    1. David said on 2005.02.07 at 08:30 pm

      MPR's The Current

      I have a lot of high hopes for this format. I want to like it. It much more closely matches how I listen to music lately than any other radio format in the market now. I have to say though that in the few hours I’ve listened to this station, I havn’t been greatly thrilled. I was astonished actually to find that for me, listening to songs too closely together that were extremely different in style or time frame was quite jarring. For me, I think sets need to have a theme or common idea that tie the individual songs together somehow. I wouldn’t even mind someone explaining to me, at least somewhat, how they think they fit together. I don’t really want to make an argument for narrowing the format. I don’t want to see that happen. But I do think some sort of reasoned progression could help.

    2. Brian said on 2005.02.08 at 01:43 am

      thanks for the reply. I was listening to it tonight at work, actually, and I hit a few more jarring combos that the first time I listened to it. Like a hop-hop piece followed by a 50’s Woodie Guthery-esque song. But, on the flip side, if you’re not in the mood for any one genre, it can be good. I also suspect they have different programmers, so some sets would naturally be better than others. Heck, you can see this on single format stations…

    3. Tom said on 2005.02.24 at 01:39 pm

      Miss WCAL?

      I had been a long time member of WCAL as well as MPR. This change has been a major loss to the Twin Cities. In my opinion, MPR misused the money donated by its members. Any of the “the current” listeners planning to support this new format?

    4. brian said on 2005.02.24 at 02:10 pm

      Tom, thanks for your comment. I’m not a resident of Minnesota and I’m not familiar with WCAL. However, I am listening to the Current from Boston, and considering making a donation, thanks to my appreciation of their format. Isn’t that proof that they’re accessing two untapped markets? Non-tradional Public Radio listeners, and even out-of-market donors? I also would give a shout out to my friends a GBH, long time leading force on a national stage for public broadcasting. Boston is aching for this type of modern musical broadcasting. In a town with the musical pedigree like we have, shouldn’t we have a few more entries into this crowded but boring radio scape? For example, there’s no jazz only station in this town, either. Want to hear jazz at work? It’s WERS college radio from 10-2. That’s it. Otherwise you have to wait till night time. Long Island (not even NYC) has an all-jazz station (WLIU) but Boston doesn’t. Sad. So there you have it, two gauntlets for GBH to address, if any org can, it’s them.

    5. Sheila Boos said on 2005.04.07 at 03:10 pm

      morning program

      My reception of 89.3 whether in the car or at home is very poor! Why is the Morning Program on that station? It means that I cannot listen to it as I have done faithfully for umpteen years.

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