1. Too many tabs

    jake on 2005.02.09
    at 02:23 pm

    I really need to restart my machine after downloading all those updates at work… So before I do that I thought I’d throw out a bunch of tabs that don’t require they’re own post.

    • Lampoon’s ‘Blackball’ Tests Film Release Standards – in an interesting move they are releasing the DVD of the movie 4 days after it hits theaters. We’re almost to ““Instant cassettes”:” Naturally it makes more sense to buy a DVD of a movie for $15 when it costs $10 a ticket at the theater. Movie studios don’t necessarily need to do this. But they defintely need to evaluate their practices. With all the previews and commercials… God… it drives me batty…
    • Chris Noth returning to ‘L&O’ fold – Sweet, I always was a fan of Detective Logan. Even if it is on a sister show it’s nice to see an old character come back.
    • Secure wireless email on Mac OS X – If you like your email secure it’s a nice extension to Brian’s Tutorial
    • Boy’s drive steers attention – Man this kid is determined. I probably would have just cried if my parents took away my video games when I was 4. From: joystiq

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