1. G5 No Audio Fix

    brian on 2005.02.14
    at 12:05 am

    A friend of mine and I both run G5s (he a dual 2.5, me, a single 1.8) and we both run a lot of media. We both mysteriously lost all audio on our systems. We had a strong suspicion that it was a software issue. Our systems would chime at start up, so we knew the hardware was working.

    After digging through Apple’s Discussions Boards (the proper second place, after searching Apple’s Knowledge Base , to start all your diagnostic journeys) I found a hint… that there was a bug in VideoLan Client 0.8.1 causing a simliar issue on G5s

    After some digging my friend and I both found the cure in this tweak of VLC

    1) advanced options->modules->audio output->coreaudio – set to audio output value to 1. 2) Quit VLC (important). 3) Open Apple system prefs > sound > output section. 4) Physically unplug stereo line out cable from back of G5. 5) Plug stereo line out back in to G5. Note ‘Line out’ appears in device list as it is automatically detected by g5. 6) Click to select Line out with mouse. 7) Quit sys prefs and launch VLC, sound should be working now.

    Hopefully, if you’re having this glitch, this post will help the findablility of the fix. Whether this bug will be squashed by the hardy devs at VLC is in question, by the sounds of it, there are no OS X VLC devs with G5s to test it.

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    1. Conrad Gaerlan said on 2005.05.04 at 01:39 am

      Audio Problem

      Yea.. Im using a G5 1.8… I watched a dvd using vlc… and ders no sound so i went to change da audio device… default was digital A/52 and da other 1 is Stereo PCM so i went to chose that… and den da whole thing crashed… and i started to use vlc again and the sound jus doznt came back … i tried ur method but it still doznt work so yea and i cant play itunes, and others like garageband… but i can hear the alert sounds and the adjusting of the volume… i need to fix dis… i got a project cmin up nxt month… so yea ppls help!…

    2. Michael Schnitzer said on 2005.06.10 at 05:44 am

      Eureka! It Works!!

      Brian, I am very grateful to you. I had just set up my brand new Dual 2.5 Ghz G5 and then tried to use VLC when I ran smack dab into precisely the audio problem that you describe. I Googled “VLC G5”, sure that I’d be spending hours digging through mountains of dead ends attempting to find a solution, and even then might not. But to my astonishment and delight, your fix for this problem was the very first return that came up. I selected it, followed your very clear and well-detailed instructions to the T, and voila: VLC with working audio once again. At the risk of repeating myself, thanks again.

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