1. Boston Radio

    brian on 2005.02.24
    at 02:23 pm

    Dear GBH,

    You’re a great organization. I admire your work greatly. TV, radio, internet, educational. I’ve applied to work there, even, in the past. Top notch. However, I have a few requests.

    One, for a town as rich in musical culture as Boston, I find it hard to believe that there’s no full-time Jazz radio station. Maybe you have market data that says that offering it only at night is best, but it makes me sad. I consider its absence a nick in our area’s cultural standing.

    One and a half, have you checked out Minnesota Public Radio’s The Current? It’s mostly modern and eclectic music. 24hrs. I really enjoy listening to it over the web (via great sounding aacPlus format) and am considering making a donation to MPR.

    Two, I’d love to see downloadable shows (aka “podcasts”) so I can listen to public radio when I don’t have a radio near me (almost never) but when I have an iPod (almost always). Note, streaming audio does not count. I then have to be attached to a computer and internet connection. The idea behind downloads is mobility. I’d certainly donate a respectable sum to GBH if they made their programming available in a time-shiftable, easy to obtain and listen to way. Right now, I cannot listen to enough GBH to make a donation worth while on my budget. Quality downloads would change that.

    Now granted, GBH doesn’t produce all the programs I enjoy on public radio, but here’s a list of public radio programs I would listen to (and in return pour donations into my local stations) if I had the chance:

    • Car Talk
    • A Prairie Home Companion
    • Motley Fool
    • Marketplace
    • Says You
    • Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me

    Looking through the lists of shows on various public radio sites, there are several that sound good, but I’ve never heard before. Downloads would allow me to sample them.

    I would suggest the AAC format, since it sounds best for the size, but for full compatibility I’d offer an MP3 download as well.

    It’s once again time for GBH to blaze the trail in public broadcasting.

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    1. Jon Garfunkel said on 2005.01.23 at 11:32 am

      More jazz

      10-2pm. during the daytime is WERS’s JazzOasis.
      AS for podcasts, what, is the technology yet 6 months old?
      Seek out Brendan Greeley of Public Radio Exchange for other broadcasts. Or go directly to the other sites. ‘GBH does produce The World, and they do publish the Clark Boyd’s technology reports as podcasts—

    2. adamg said on 2005.02.24 at 07:22 pm

      Morning Stories

      They are podcasting this, at least:

    3. brian said on 2005.02.25 at 03:05 am

      Download vs Podcast

      In regards to Podcasts being new (and Adam rightly pointed out they do have one thus far, which I knew about, but they’re just clips, not full shows), the only thing new about them is the delivery… all I’m asking for is radio in a more portable format, an audio file for my iPod, and the delivery (although podcasts via RSS and BitTorrent are an awesome way) is secondary.

      I used to enjoy ERS’s Jazz Cafe when I had day-time access to radio… sadly, last I looked, ERS doesn’t even have streaming audio, really sad for one of the great Communications industry schools, right?

      And still, there’s no single station that’s all Jazz.

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