1. All Things (Nike) Considered

    brian on 2005.03.09
    at 01:05 pm

    I’m dubious of Nike when they say stuff. They are after all a megalith of a company, with a notorious past in regards to labor. They swear they’re better now. But now, they’ve introduced the Nike Considered line, which they say is industry leading in its environmental consciousness.

    The site looks to walk the talk. Hell, it’s even XHTML compliant. So that would make the line a) good for the eye, b) good for the earth (er, better than their other products) c) good for the web.

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    1. Eli said on 2005.06.29 at 06:19 pm


      you have to give them some credit. They may not be green peace but it’s obvioius they’re making an effort. People just have to buy ‘em to reinforce it.

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