1. Copy Protection Sucks.

    jake on 2005.03.18
    at 12:40 pm

    Green Day - American Idiot CoverFor the first and hopefully not the last post of the day I have a little story about copy protection and how it fails. I’ve read many remarks on Techdirt about how Copy Protection (not just music cds) does nothing but inconvenience people who would normally be honest customers. And now I have a personal experience which shows that.

    My brother owns the latest Green Day album and needed to make a copy of it. Now he ended up just ripping the CD into mp3’s and re-burning it. Not the quickest way, but still effective in making a copy. I got curious and had him bring it home so I could try with my off the shelf software. I made a perfect copy without flinching.

    Now you may ask, well who cares, you made a copy, maybe there wasn’t even copy protection to begin with. Well there is, and I hit it head on, when I tried to play it. I played both my copy and the original in my PB but it would not play in my PC. Hell it didn’t even show up as an audio CD, or as a CD at all. According to my brother it did that to him too.

    The scarier part is that since I did not hold down the shift key on first insert I may have unwllingly let it install sotware in the background on my machine. And as I understand it, this stuff can be a bitch to get off. Fuck you Warner Brothers. You have joined the ranks of spyware/malware ass holes. It’s nice to know you have no problem upsetting my Mom when she wants to play a CD, but the real pirates don’t even notice a hiccup…

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