1. Why isn't MTV hip anymore?

    jake on 2005.04.06
    at 12:15 pm

    I used to watch MTV when I was a kid. It was cool and showed music videos. The handful of regular shows revolved around music or were things like Beavis and Butthead that no one else would show. Hell, Beavis and Butthead got MTV blocked in my house.

    Everyone knows that now the channel is just a bunch of generic television like all the other channels. Occasionally you’ll laugh at Punk’d or see a new video that’s good, but mostly you’re just getting TRL crap and lots of filler that’s pretty boring.

    Now just to prove how old and stodgy they’ve become, MTV is releasing music videos and other “short-form” content on a “service” called Overdrive. They are touting the amazing features of watching it all the way through (like normal TV) or jumping to various parts (like a DVD). Of course we all know that most streamed video can do this if constructed right. It’s not new.

    Plus they’re using Windows DRM to screw up distribution. Music videos have been free forever. They’re not for making money, they’re a form of advertising to sell more CD’s. And the news? Why does that need to be locked up? All their doing is acruing more load on their servers by trying to force people to download directly from them. I assume they’ll have banner adds all over the place, so maybe they are just looking for traffic.

    And of course, because they’re using good old Monopoly Microsoft exclusively it’s locking out both Macs and web browsers outside of Internet Explorer. That’s a good method of driving traffic to your web site, lock out a whole bunch of people for no reason.

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