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    brian on 2005.04.09
    at 12:53 pm

    Cloud Peak, ANWRI was very happy to find the ANWR Blog the other day. I was lacking a simple news source for following the developments of the repeated attempt to destroy the Arctic Wildlife Refuge.

    I learned all sorts of interesting things I was not previously aware of, for example, there was an exploratory well drilled in the mid-80s but the results of the test have never been released (can you say suspicious?). One of the many misleading claims that have been made is that modern drilling techniques will mean hardly any impacts on the surrounding Refuge. However, when drilling only one small well, they still managed to upset a Polar Bear den.

    In other words, don’t trust a think they say.

    [Picture is from also via ANWR Blog. Used non-commercially w/o permission. Please visit the artist site to see the real thing, at better quality .]

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    1. Nick Aster said on 2005.07.21 at 06:46 pm

      Treasure America - Another ANWR Project

      Hi there, you may also find our project interesting. We are constructing economic arguments against drilling. The bottom line is that better fuel economy standards would be immensly more benficial to the average american and the economy, than would giving more handouts to the oil industry.

      Our latest report is about debunking the myth that Native Alaskans need oil drilling to survive. Please have a look at the press release here:

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