1. Nintendo A Cappella

    jake on 2005.04.14
    at 06:37 pm

    Wow, The University of Wisconsin Redefineds’ have brought together two of my loves. Classic Video Games and A Cappella music.

    On Screenhead they pass you through to a video of the group singing a medly of old game music, mostly Nintendo.

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    1. Redefined said on 2005.04.19 at 04:09 am

      Redefined Nintendo

      Redefined wants to thank everyone for all the recent attention! We have a great time performing this tune, but we never even dreamed that people would get this into it!

      We are proud to annouce that you can now find an official copy of our debut self titled album, which has the original Nintendo video, on eBay! We only have a couple left and we will be auctioning them all in the next few weeks. This album not only has the Redefined Nintendo video, but it also has another video as well as nineteen audio tracks. Only here can you get an official copy of this album.

      Redefined Nintendo Album:

      this is a 3 day auction, it will end at approximately 8:30pm Central Time on Thursday! a reprint is not in the cards, so we figure anyone who wants one of the remaining copies gets a fair shot!

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