1. New Safari 1.3

    brian on 2005.04.16
    at 12:46 pm

    *Outstanding.* Dave Hyatt write on his weblog about the release of of Safari 1.3 along with Mac OS X 10.3.9 update. There are "thousands" of engine updates.

    Those of you running Panther can now update to 10.3.9. This update includes Safari 1.3 and new versions of WebKit, WebCore, and JavaScriptCore that contain thousands of improvements we've made to the engine since Safari 1.2.

    What you are getting is all of the new standards support, new WebKit capabilites, site compatibility fixes and performance optimizations that are also present in Safari 2.0 for Tiger. The layout engines for the two are virtually identical.

    Excellent. "Read more about the update on Dave's weblog.": There's a lot to mention, but how about improved JavaScript, adding XSLT, and um, 35% faster page loads? Oh, and for any of your other applications that use WebKit (ala "NetNewsWire": et al) they get all of the benefits, too! Nice.

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    1. Steve Currency said on 2005.04.18 at 11:04 am

      Javascript could use some improvement

      Hopefully ints will now be 32 bit to match the javascript standard rather than the 16 bit ints that have plagued previous versions of safari.

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