1. US Universal Health Coverage GOOD For Business

    brian on 2005.05.02
    at 12:32 am

    I was just reading through Matt Haughey’s feed and found he shares a sentiment that I concur with, and have for a long time:

    I’ve also long believed if we could offer healthcare for all in the US, the explosion of creativity and entrepreneurism could have the potential to pay for it. I know many smart, motivated people filled with ideas that work boring jobs just so they can have healthcare for their family. Who knows how many business ideas, technology applications, and clever inventions are going to never see the light of day because their creators waste away at a desk somewhere. In that respect I see universal healthcare as good for business, since small business owners are off the hook for paying for it and everyone with a good idea won’t be terrified of leaving their job behind to pursue their dreams.

    Amen. How much easier would working for yourself be? America is a simmering pot of creativity. This would let it finally boil over…

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    1. Chloe said on 2005.05.10 at 04:04 pm

      so true…
      Also… people who aren’t really into their jobs are working the ones that they can get and want just because of the insurance – while there might be other people more gung-ho about that particular job who can’t even get the job because it’s so sought after because of the insurance.
      So you have qualified but bored people working in jobs while the people who would really like those jobs and do better in them, can’t get them.

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