1. Star Wars Tidbits

    jake on 2005.05.13
    at 05:02 pm

    Well with the new Star Wars movie coming out soon there’s buzz all over the place about related topics.

    There’s how stuff works where you can learn the ins and outs of how to build and wield a light saber.

    Nearly anything you would normally find around the home or office is easy to cut with a lightsaber, including steel pipes, reinforcing beams, mounting struts and so on. If you happen to find yourself hanging upside down in a cave, a lightsaber is the perfect tool to use to cut the rope.

    We also have a little movie combining Star Wars with a funny little movie from last year. Anakin Dynamite uses terminology from the Star Wars universe in the setting of Napoleon Dynamite. It has some discrepancies with the original text, things like not saying “gosh” enough. But it’s still pretty funny if you know the original.

    Finally we have Darth Vader’s Weblog. It’s full of posts recounting events from Episodes IV-VI as seen from ole Anakin’s perspective. Things such as parenting.

    I escalated my own level of brutality, and he lost ground. Still I found place to wonder: what fires his naked hatred? This is not the sting of a political idealist.

    He popped out of the carbon chamber before I could freeze him, which was a neat trick.

    Neat trick! Ha! And it’s nice to know the Empire learns its lessons.

    And so my master appointed me the task of overseeing the final phases of activating the armaments of the New Order’s greatest work of engineering: a new DEATH STAR, ten times more powerful than the first, a glorious rebirth of Tarkin’s dream. (And this time we’ve built it without the need for a vulnerable secondary thermal exhaust port, right below the main port.)

    Ahhh… That darn secondary thermal exhaust port.

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