1. Republicans Attempt to Break Congress

    brian on 2005.05.22
    at 10:55 pm

    I’ve tried to keep politics to a minimum here, save for the truly horrific. This is truly horrific.

    The Republicans are attempting to change the way Congress works by removing the long standing “filibuster.” Quite simply, the Democrats are going to filibuster to right-wing extremist judicial nominees, and the Republicans don’t appreciate that they do not have the power to work around a filibuster. So since they can’t play by the rules, they are attempting to change them, with a tactic they call “The Nuclear Option.”

    What can you do to prevent the Republicans from breaking our important system of checks and balances? Write your Congressperson! Here’s a link to a petition where you may state your opposition to the nuclear option, and it will be hand delivered to the appropriate parties. Do not wait. The vote is Tuesday May 24th.

    Act now.

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    1. brian said on 2005.05.25 at 12:59 am

      Good news, we win. Sort of. The filibuster remains, but the Democrats decided (in exchange for Republicans not voting to axe the filibuster) they’d allow two extremists through to the voting round. This means there’s a good chance they’ll be confirmed. Ugh. But at least we won’t have entirely ultra-right-wing courts.

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