1. A man in Santa Fe is detained for chat room convo.

    jake on 2003.02.27
    at 01:43 pm

    So what happens if I knock Bush in this blog?

    I noticed at MetaFilter this morning a man was quiestioned by police after using a university library computer. He supposedly threatened Bush in a chat room while at the library.

    O'Connor recalled saying that Bush is "out of control," but that "I'm allowed to say all that. There is this thing called freedom of speech."

    I have to agree, unless he made an actual threat against the President, he should not be harassed. Brian and I don't agree with many things the President does. That shouldn't mean we can be targeted. This is not a dictatorship. Bush should be more careful, Saddam does stuff like that.

    Personally I think we need to start learning from past mistakes, and not try and act like we own the world.

    American Libraries

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