1. Breaking News: Auto Accident at Beacon and St.Paul St.

    brian on 2005.05.24
    at 11:53 pm

    Brookline Citizen Journalism Experiment

    We interrupt your regularly scheduled weblog with…

    Two car accident at the intersection of Beacon and St. paul Streets in Brookline at about 8:30pm Tuesday evening Two car accident at Beacon and St.Paul Sts, Brookline, MA 2004 May24

    St. Paul Street traveling south is being rerouted via Parkman to Powel, which intersects Beacon one block further east, and via Pleasant which intesects Beacon two blocks further West (just east of Coolidge Corner)
    Two car accident at Beacon and St.Paul Sts, Brookline, MA 2004 May24 Alt angle

    More info and pictures coming. Watch this space for updates.

    UPDATE 1: Two pictures, both facing south on St. Paul, Beacon crossing left to right. Green Line train at the St. Paul T-Stop, heading inbound to Boston. Apologies for the poor night time photography, and iPhoto doesn’t quite have Photoshop’s abilities yet. Maybe I’ll adjust levels in PShop later, speed is important in the breaking news business.

    Update 2: The car closest in the picture had major damage to it’s passenger side read door. It’s a compact, I believe a Toyota Corolla. It was struck by a larger sedan, I believe a Toyota Camry, which struck the Corolla with its passenger side headlight, which you can see better in the 2nd picture, but crumpled the hood pretty good. The weather very well could have been a factor, seeing that it was pouring thanks to the nor’easter.

    As I walked up the street to get to the scene, an ambulance was just leaving the scene. I saw no occupants of either car still on scene. Several police officers, their cruisers and the flat-bed wrecker truck, all of which had the scene cleaned up by about 9:15pm

    Update 3: Backstory: I was watching some science show in my living room when the fire trucks pulled by. No big shocker, it happens all the time, we live on one of their favorite routes. They passed, I un-paused the TiVo. But minutes later I hear loudspeakers and seeing flashing blue lights. I determine out our bay window that Brookline Police had blocked off St. Paul one block north of Beacon and were barking directions attempting to redirect traffic.

    I suit up in my rain gear and boots grab the camera and walk down the block. Then I hustled back to upload the pictures. If I could find my damn USB cable… and that leads to now, in which I now wait to see when/if this report’s been picked up by Universal Hub the Boston area’s citizen journalism hub and general place to read blog rants.

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