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    jake on 2005.05.31
    at 02:13 am

    A Little Intro

    Well this took me long enough. I did finish a basic implementation of XML-RPC for Brian and I to update the site. I simply translated over the nice Textpattern implementation.

    So now I get to use ecto for writing this post. And if I don’t finish I can save a draft and come back to it later. At least as long as I have Peanut Butter.

    The Movie

    Episode III movie posterBeing a fan of the original trilogy as a young boy I was excited when these three came out. While Episodes I and II were decent, they could not live up to the memory of the old set. Episode III on the other hand did a good job of living up to the memory. Most of the characters were handled well. Kottke pretty much sums up my feelings with his review and he’s better spoken so I’ll let him finish up.

    …which was the biggest surprise for me, that sadness. Somehow, Lucas made a real old-fashioned tragedy here; he actually made the evil Darth Vader into a sympathetic character.

    Balance to the force?

    Something I can touch on that is unique to my knowledge pertains to the whole “balance to the force” concept. I recall when Episode I came out a bunch of friends of mine were confused by all the talk of bringing balance to the force. Wasn’t it Luke who wins out? But, as my buddy pointed out, Darth Vader actually hurls the emperor down the ventilation shaft. Was it a ventilation shaft? Ehh… No matter.

    The twist is that to remove all of the Sith would not balance the force. It would skew it to all positive. I don’t know if George Lucas meant for this or not, but the galaxy far far away seems to not understand this simple word. For good you need evil. For evil you need good.

    My take on it, Anakin does bring balance to the force. If you remember what Obi-Wan says in the first set of movies, that Darth Vader hunted down the Jedi and murdered them all, then you also notice that Yoda and Obi-Wan are seemingly the only Jedi left at the start of Episode IV. A master and an apprentice—well sort of, we know Obi-Wan didn’t directly study under Yoda—are all that are left on either side. Four masters of the force, two on either side. Were the Jedi confused all along?

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