1. Googleplex in Boston/Cambridge

    brian on 2005.05.31
    at 05:35 pm

    Dear Google,

    Thank you for considering Boston for a new Googleplex, now come quick! I know you’re listening, because our logs show us that you like our blog.

    I say this not because I dislike my current employer. Not at all. I say this because Google is one of about 5 corporations I’d like to work for, and for whom working for wouldn’t make me feel slimy. I am currently employed by corporation numero uno on that list, but for whom most of their work is done out of California, limiting my upward mobility within the company substantially.

    I’ve always thought that if you are a large enough company, it would make sense to have major corporate presence in several major cities, and sales force alone doesn’t count. The reason is that not everyone would like to live in Silicon Valley. I would not leave New England for a couple reasons. The main one is family. My fiancé is very close to her family, and while my family has more of a tradition of branching out (although all still pretty much on the East Coast, save one cousin in Iowa) it’s still nice to have the grandkids be close to the grandparents. No amount of salary or sweet emerald campuses surrounded by lush mountains can really replace that. Additional reasons for not leaving New England include things like “snow” “culture” “history” “seashore and mountains within short drives” “educated and honest people” and “I like it.”

    Having corporate presence opens you up to a greater employee pool. People don’t always want to relocate far, far away, plus you get a diversity of employees. Also, if you have employees who do want to relocate, you can save costs by keeping them with in the company and allowing them to transfer. All around, it’s just more efficient.

    Anyhow, hopefully some other Boston bloggers will speak up and welcome Google into the neighborhood and encourage them to sign the papers. Things like the Boston Community WiFi effort encourage employers like Google to want to come to our area, by the way.

    [addendum SEW links to this, much more informative article from Boston Biz Journal.]

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