1. Electronic voting. Easier to cheat than cemeteries?

    jake on 2003.02.27
    at 02:11 pm

    Wow, so two stories popped up today, and though very much related, they don't mention each other (though they both reference the same law suit.)

    Kuro5hin Speaks on a more broad topic of voting machines. There are a lot of dealings going on with voting machines and elected officials. All this money going back and forth can be looked at as a problem. Simply because the machines keep internal information. If there is an error, there is no proof.

    This could easily be used to cheat the system, there is no way of knowing what everyone voted. I agree with the suggestion that a piece of paper should be printed out as a receipt which could be used if there was a problem with the machine.

    Wired also reported a more in depth look at something that was referenced at Kuro5hin.

    Dan Spillane was fired from his position working with VoteHere. He claims that he pointed out many "defects" with the machines they were building, but upper management squelched his statements. And he was fired after he tried to contact a group of organizations and senators with the problem.

    I love technology and having it simplify large tasks like vote counting or paying my bills. But abuse should not be taken lightly. There has been a movement to put electronic voting machines out there. If they screw it up and we still have problems like the last presidential election the trust will be destroyed. Let's hope that doesn't happen.

    Kuro5hin - Voting machines
    Wired - Dan's story

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