1. Parkman Street Flowers

    brian on 2005.06.13
    at 07:30 pm

    One of the nicest thing about living in Brookline has been the great pride our neighborhood took in its landscaping. I missed an early opportunity to photograph some beautiful flowers early this spring, when we had spring for a few days, all the flowers bloomed, then we dove back into cold and then rain for two months.

    Today, I’ve captured some of the newest blooms on the street. I am unfortunately beyond useless when it comes to knowing the name of flowers. If you check out the page and know the names of the flowers you see, please leave a comment here and I’ll gladly put the proper names up. Please reference the flower by its file name, and if there are multiple pics of the same flower, do note that as well.

    We’ll miss our street when we move to Medford later this summer, but change is life’s only constant.

    [PS – don’t read too much into the fact that my last post was about a war and this one’s about flowers. Just a coincidence.]

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    1. jess said on 2005.06.20 at 01:03 pm

      las flores

      So, these are the ones I know:
      DSCN1428.JPG -variegated impatient
      DSCN1429.JPG – impatient
      DSCN1430.JPG – foxglove
      DSCN1431.JPG – foxglove
      DSCN1438.JPG – easter lily
      DSCN1439.JPG – easter lily
      DSCN1441.JPG – easter lily
      DSCN1445.JPG – marigold
      DSCN1449.JPG – marigold
      DSCN1450.JPG – rose
      DSCN1453.JPG – impatient
      DSCN1463.JPG – pansy
      DSCN1464.JPG – pansy
      DSCN1465.JPG – pansy
      DSCN1466.JPG – pansy
      DSCN1468.JPG – azalea
      Image-3A2B0366DC4911D9 – foxglove
      Image-3A2E80DEDC4911D9 – poppy
      Image-3A36537BDC4911D9 – impatient
      Image-3A3696A2DC4911D9 – impatient
      Image-3A3CA648DC4911D9 – rose
      Image-3A3CC964DC4911D9 – rose
      Image-3A40576EDC4911D9 – pansy

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