1. Batman Begins

    jake on 2005.06.22
    at 06:14 pm

    Batman Begins PosterBatman Begins is a great movie. It’s doing pretty well, but the movie studios want it to save them.

    News flash for the film industry, you’re killing yourselves. When it costs $9 a ticket, and the average person doesn’t go by themself, your customers are going to be more selective. Especially when I can wait a few months and buy the thing on DVD for less than the price of two movie tickets. You guys need to clean up your act. You can still make crap loads of money if your customers save some money and can go to more movies.

    With all the bull out there you’d think they’d figure it out one of these years…

    Sorry about that, back to the movie.

    Christian Bale as BatmanThe feel is dark, like some of the Dark Knight’s better graphic novels. I enjoy Tim Burton’s work immensly, but his original Batman movies gave a totally different feel. It was dark more like a scary clown at a theme park. Batman Begins felt more real. Gotham was a living, breathing city, not a backdrop.

    Everyone who enjoys comics should enjoy this movie. And many people who enjoyed the Spider-Man movies should also enjoy this movie. Batman Begins is more interested in the characters than just blowing things up. Of course lots of things blow up too. I just didn’t find it excessive.

    The acting is also high quality. I’ve seen a couple other movies with Christian Bale, but my mind keeps floating back to Newsies. I think it might be linked to how my cousin Amy used to obssess over it. I think I’ll start thinking of him as Batman now. And Michael Caine as Alfred is a good fit too.

    If you’re interested in saving some money just do what I did, go to a matinee. But this movie is a must see on the big screen.

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