1. Trying iFill on SomaFM

    brian on 2005.06.24
    at 02:51 pm

    I’m trying out Griffin Technology’s newest cool product, iFill right now. iFill allows you to record streaming audio from internet radio and drops it on your iPod for later listening, not unlike a TiVO. I’m still trying to understand how it works so far as the timeshifting they talk about at the site, but I’ve only been using it for 10 minutes.

    I’m sampling Secret Agent, from SomaFM, of whom I really need to send a donation to. Here’s hoping Apple will add aacPlus format to iTunes for streaming, because now there’s two stations I listen to who offer it. Luckily, Soma still overs all feeds on their mp3 format as well. But I could be listening to 48k aacPlus instead of 128k mp3, and the sound would be similar, if not better… then we’d just need iFill to understand it and your iPod as well. Maybe when we get iTunes 4.9 with podcasting! If iTunes 4.9 adds that awesome feature (podcasts) I can’t wait to see what 5.0 brings…

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