1. FSO What?

    brian on 2003.03.04
    at 01:27 am

    FSO is an interesting alternative to radio-frequency wireless connections. Wired, ironically, has the story. Several companies are playing with modulated visible-spectrum light as an medium for the broadband transmission of data. Some links are over a mile long (line-of-sight, of course) and have throughput of a Gigabit per second. A company in New Zealand has demonstrated what's believed to be the first live broadcast of high-quality television images over visible light spectrum.

    Whether or not you'll be trading in WiFi for FSOptics anytime soon is yet to be seen (OK, highly unlikely), but competition and choice are key getting quality product in the market place. But the best part about this new technology?

    "There is no stray radiation here... We can send more data and you can put your hand right in front of it."

    In other related news, an interesting story about (RF-based) WiFi with regards to the First Amendment, community networks and on Native American Reservations, where government spectrum allocation and telco greediness don't hinder its progress.

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