1. How to game Google.

    jake on 2005.07.10
    at 08:16 pm

    It's not what you think...

    Not a very busy day around here. I went and saw Fantastic Four, definitely a good superhero movie. Batman edges them out but mostly for it’s beautiful style.

    Tom’s linkdump from today has a lot of good content. I’m going to try and separate my thoughts on each one.

    The first is a page of pointers on how to get high Google rankings. SEO is a tricky thing. At least it seems like it is. In reality it’s pretty simple.

    • Step One: Have quality content. – No matter how much you try and push your content to the top if it’s all fluff to game the system it won’t matter.
    • Step Two: Don’t try to cheat. – It seems the biggest reason to game the system without content is to continually game the system in the future. Without content you’re in an arms race with Google. And they’ll win, by removing you and affiliated sites from their database.
    • Step Three: Build with structure and clean code. –┬áBy using good code and building with structure you are giving Google more to work with. The more junk, the less useful it is for their Googlebot.
    • Step Four: Don’t forget the technical. – While having good content and structuring it is the most important. It helps a great deal to also do the little technical parts too. Don’t use long urls with twenty variables. Keep it simple. Also using robots.txt can help too. For telling what Google to grab, and what not to. I also didn’t know that using “?id=” in your urls actually tells Google to ignore your pages.

    Finally I’ll leave you with a quote that hits close to home. I get regular calls at work asking if I’d like to pay someone to optimize our site.

    Don’t participate in link schemes designed to increase your site’s ranking or PageRank. In particular, avoid links to web spammers or “bad neighborhoods” on the web, as your own ranking may be affected adversely by those links.

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