1. Chai

    jake on 2005.07.11
    at 07:47 pm

    Well today could have been a lot better. It looks like I’m gonna be drinking a gallon of tea when I get home to relax.

    Naturally this segues easily into Xeni Jardin’s post about chai. She links to Hob Gadling’s complaints of how western culture has screwed up chai.

    The one thing he doesn’t point out is if you go to India and order chai, you are given tea. There’s no vanilla in it or anything. The spices are an accessory. He does give you a method for making the tea, which if you pay attention, does not include anything but black tea. And I quote…

    • Tea-bags (Black tea only, try Brooke Bond Red Label or Brooke Bond Taj Mahal available at your neighborhood Indian store. If you can’t get those, try Twinings English Breakfast)
    • Sugar
    • Water
    • Milk (Vitamin D is the best, you can make do with 1% or 2%.)

    So when you say, “I want a Vanilla Chai,” that’s fine, but if you’re saying, “I’d like some Chai tea,” you’re effectively repeating yourself. Thank you Starbucks

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