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    jake on 2005.07.23
    at 12:52 am

    I’m still waiting for my brother to finish his copy of Half Blood Prince, he won’t let me near it till he’s done. In the meantime I’ll give some thoughts on Rowling’s “personal” web site.

    Zeldman has a lovely post about the flash side of JK Rowling’s web site. They just put out a new accessibility add-on to help visitors get around the site. It’s really top notch and I’m a fan of the flash portion of the site.

    The text-only version of the site is not quite so polished. In fact it’s pretty gruesome. It has a small amount of semantics, but no style. It needs a bit more structure. A while ago I started building a proof of concept but never got past the starting HTML. I planned on building a PHP app to grab the content and give it some more structure.

    Of course I’m not interested in getting lawyers sicced on me right now so I’ll just leave it be. At least till I get some inspiration to tackle it again.

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