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    brian on 2005.07.29
    at 11:27 am

    Yesterday Amanda and I signed approximately 3702 pieces of paper and we are now officially homeowners in the city of Medford, Massachusetts. For those of you unfamiliar with the area, Medford is a northern suburb in the Boston Metro area. If you’ve ever heard of Tufts University, we’re about two blocks from that.

    It’s exciting and scary. Homes are so expensive (and we only bought a condo) around here that there’s naturally some trepidation in regards to the financial burden you’ve just put yourself under. I mean, wow, if we’re not firing on all cylinders, how will we pay the mortgage? They wouldn’t have OKed me for this loan if I couldn’t pay for it, right? And like many people in this housing market, we’re afraid we paid too much. I heard an interview on the radio the other day with an area real estate rep and she stated the Boston market still could not supply enough first time home owners with housing within their price range… in other words the market isn’t going down anytime soon. Other people say the bubble will burst. Based on our experience buying, I’d have to agree with the former… but then again, to part with the money we just did… wouldn’t we have to buy into that?

    We have the keys, and have moved some our first boxes. Today we need to wrangle some paint. After seeing the place for the first time without furnishings, we realized that it’ll need a lot more in the paint department. We planned on painting two areas, instead we’ll paint three or four, and those new ones being the living and dining room – both much bigger than two rooms we had planned on painting.

    We also noticed that the previous homeowners were not as adept at do-it-yourselfing as they may have thought. Every room that they had painted had drips on the lighting fixtures and heating and cooling registers. Apparently, they had never heard of drop cloths and masking tape. Geeze, they could have just taken down the fixtures so they wouldn’t drip on them!

    Worst of all is the bathroom. We asked that a small leak from the bathroom be addressed before we would buy the house. Water was getting from the bathroom into the basement, and although it wasn’t a torrent by any means, it was starting to rot a support bean a little.

    When we did the walk through yesterday, we saw the fix. We were under the impression that a professional was going to undertake the project, but of course, since we didn’t stipulate that in the contract… they did it themselves. Let’s just say that their “fix” made them look like expert painters in relation. I will have to post a photo to do it justice. Just think to address a gap between the tub and the cabinet below the sink, something resembling a plastic ruler and a lot of grout were involved. Learn the lesson of government: if a loophole exists, it will be used.

    Now I don’t want this to seem like we’re badmouthing the previous owners. They’re actually really nice people. They showed us some pictures of what the place looked like and they really turned it around in three years. The kitchen redo is excellent. Tiles need some work though… we wish them best of luck fixing up their next place.

    So don’t expect a ton of posts from me this coming week. Just like I’ve slacked this week… I’ll be very busy. What a vacation!

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