1. More Google Product Goodness.

    brian on 2005.08.24
    at 11:54 pm

    Not only has Google come out with another innovative product, Google Talk, but they’ve also added a key feature to an existing product, GMail.

    Perhaps you loved the features of Google Mail but have your own domain. If you forwarded your email to GMail you could use their innovative webmail interface and large storage, but you couldn’t use GMail to send mail, or else you’d loose your domain name in the replies.

    Now you can set the ‘From’ field as well. Thanks Google. I don’t see using this personally, as I have both dotMac and pretty good squirrelmail interfaces. But it’s nice to have options.

    A little more on Google Talk, if you haven’t seen it. It utilizes the open-source Jabber protocol, and can be used with any client that supports it. I’ve used it in Apple’s iChat and it works well, and you can be online with your AIM network at the same time.

    It also has voice chat. Hope to try that out soon. Rumor has it that it works through iChat as well.

    Of course, all of this isn’t without a downside. Whereas I would probably always use this with iChat (if I have any use for another IM network) it is unfortunate that yet again Google has launched a piece of software that is only written for Windows. As with all their other software, they make vague claims of other OS compatibility (I for one have stopped holding my breath for Google Earth for Mac).

    If Google’s pushing for the Internet OS, they’re doing an awfully good job of supporting their major competition.

    Update: See this from Scott at Salon. He agrees with me on that last point.

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