1. Trees and Water

    jake on 2005.08.26
    at 05:19 pm

    Just a couple quick links relaying things about the world outside.

    • Trees don’t suck up carbon dioxide as hoped – Not a definitive result. But it does make some sense. Excess of even good things in humans is expelled. If you’re going to the gym a lot and eating a great amount of protein your body willl only absorb a certain amount. No matter how much more protein you consume. Perhaps there is a separate catalyst to discover that will allow the trees to absorb more.
    • Life Straw: All You Can Drink For A Year! – This is a beautiful contraption, only costing $2 US, all we need is someone to get these where they’re needed. It amazes me how much suffering and poverty still exists after so much money gets thrown at the problem.

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