1. National Guard Deployments and Katrina Relief

    brian on 2005.08.30
    at 01:43 pm

    Despite reports that the National Guard has enough troops to respond to the growing disaster in aftermath of Hurricane Katrina around the Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama region, I’d still be much more comfortable if the National Guard was, um, guarding the nation.

    About 35 percent of Louisiana’s National Guardsmen and 37 percent of Mississippi’s have been deployed to Iraq. Shouldn’t we have 100% of our Guard available at home?

    Someone had their email read on CNN yesterday asking if the world would send help to the US, like the US sent to aid Tsunami relief. Whereas I understand where he’s coming from… we send enormous amount of aid to the whole world, more than any other country, and get very little credit for it. However, there are two truths, one, we are the richest country in the world, and we can afford to give. Two, you can’t buy friends. We will be judged by our actions, not our dollars. And the world will look at our actions they don’t like before the ones they’re thankful for. And the world is looking at our actions in Iraq.

    In recent years our National Guard has seen more deployments overseas. I think that’s a role for our full-time military and reserves. The National Guard belongs at home. 100%.

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    1. jake said on 2005.08.30 at 03:34 pm

      Forest Fires

      I heard that the crews out west that handle all the huge fires that take place in the latter part of summer are suffering too because a big chunk of the National Guard is serving abroad.

    2. Search Engine said on 2005.09.02 at 11:20 pm

      Finally Some (A Bit) Help

      I am glad that the National Guard (martial law has been imposed, military is in control of the government, but more troops are needed fron northern states) is finally stepping in (why did it take the government so long to help out, where are the bottled water companies like Coka Cola, or any company that makes canned/dried food, where is Grey Hound with the buses to get survivors out, baby formula makers like Glaxo, bedding/towels/clothes, etc?), militia law needed to be in effect days ago since people are shooting and killing each other down in the ravaged areas, it has gone crazy down there with looting and killing! People are resorting to their natural/primitive instincts as they are hungry, thirsty (basics for survival of all life) and desperate to get out of that area, whether they have to murder for a car or kill for gas money… Finally the National Guard is bringing in Army rationed food packs…

      Looting WalMart for a wide screen TV where there is no electricity is called stealing (holding a gun to someones head to steal their car is called armed robery and maybe even attempt of murder). Looting a store for water, medical needs (medications previously prescribed or needed in an emergency) and non perishible food (necesities) is called survival of the fitest…

      Many people think that this looting and stealing is a stereotypical race thing, well let me tell you that where those awful videos come from, the majority (at least 75%-85%) of the people there are African-Americans, yes people were well warned, but not everyone had the money or resources to leave (most white folks had the resources, cars/gas, friends to go to or family, many of the poor minorities and homeless, sick, elderly, mentally ill, etc were just abadoned). If this happened in New York City, you’d probably see more white people panicing and doing stupid things! Let’s starve and neglect you of food/shelter/water/relief, plus emerge in neck deep water (ancient chinese water torture) and lets see how civilized you remain…

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