1. Donate to help Katrina Victims

    brian on 2005.09.01
    at 08:51 pm

    Please give what you can to help those in the path of Hurricane Katrina.The American Red Cross

    Last night I gave to the American Red Cross. I had to decide between them and AmeriCares Domestic Relief Fund. I gave to the Red Cross in the end, hoping that perhaps my company might start a matching drive, and in the past they have given to the Red Cross. Today, I found that my friends at 37 Signals were matching their blog reader’s contributions up to $5,000. All you have to do is email your donation confirmation to Jason Fried. Maybe my donation will be matched several times.

    The web is mobilizing in response to the catastrophe. The always first-class Craigslist is doing what they do best… they sprung into action with new sites for cities hit the hardest. They are a great resource for people trying to find each other, help, and housing.

    Additionally, the people behind have set up a housing website, for people who have space to let someone without a home settle in until things start to improve.

    In addition to my donation, I’m hoping our good site’s stance with Google will help spread these links…

    Update— Apple has put up a donation link via the iTunes Music Store.

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