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    jake on 2005.10.03
    at 05:51 pm

    Serenity PosterJust yesterday I made “a bold move” and went out, by myself, to see Serenity. I had heard good things from the realm of geeks and figured I might like it. I was not dissapointed. With so many others typing their thoughts on it I figured I could just let mine slide. But it didn’t perform well this past weekend (from Digg), and I’d like to extend an invite for the masses to go check the movie out.

    Serenity pretty much exists because the tv show it was based on (Firefly) had a little misshap —Fox didn’t give any priority to the show against other programming and aired the series out of order—and was cancelled after 11 episodes.

    The first pang of interest came after Tom Coates post. Not only did he rave about the movie he also pointed out some interesting statistics where women, who you don’t usually associate with sci–fi programming, enjoyed it more than men. Shortly after that I noticed the Wired review. They pretty much summed up how I feel about the movie and convinced me I should go check Serenity out.

    Serenity’s verbal fireworks help compensate for its clumsy special effects. The chases, explosions and battles are choppy and confusing and look a bit cheap. Using Hollywood’s warped abacus, it’s pretty clear that $45 million—Serenity’s reported budget—isn’t enough money to create blockbuster visuals.

    Maybe that’s for the better. Rather than spending months working with the Orphanage or Industrial Light and Magic to blow up stuff in slow motion, Whedon invested energy in refining Serenity’s human elements.

    I didn’t care that there was a lack of amazing computer generated explosions. Although I did not see major fault in the quality of the action sequences, it wouldn’t have mattered, I was already enjoying the characters and the good dialogue.

    Serenity needs to be brought out of its slump. I’m hoping word of mouth will help it perform better in the coming weeks. With all the crap coming out of Hollywood lately Serenity shouldn’t be pushed out of the theaters without even making a divet.

    Endnotes: Check out the little quiz after you come home from the movie and see which charcter you’re most like. I’m 75% Capt. Mal Reynolds.

    And while you’re viewing the movie… Doesn’t Kaylee (Jewel Staite) remind you a bit of Punky Brewster (Soleil Moon Frye)

    Update: Michael Heilemann dicovered a review of Serenity done by Orson Scott Card. The writer of Ender’s Game has nothing but praise for the movie.

    Well, guess what.

    It’s great.

    I’m not going to say it’s the best science fiction movie, ever.

    Oh, wait. Yes I am…

    …So here’s what I have to say about Serenity:

    This is the kind of movie that I have always intended Ender’s Game to be (though the plots are not at all similar).

    And this is as good a movie as I always hoped Ender’s Game would be.

    His take on it is that no matter how much fluff you put into a science fiction movie the characters have to mean something too. If the audience doesn’t love/hate the characters, you have failed. This is one of the key components to Pixar’s success. It is not just about making a pretty sci-fi world. It is about creating a great story with great characters.

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    1. jake said on 2005.10.18 at 01:49 am

      Don't miss out.

      Serenity looks like it’s only going to last a little longer. Please go see it before it’s too late! Why doesn’t anyone want to see a good movie?

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