1. Helloooooooo....?

    jake on 2005.10.26
    at 02:40 pm

    I just thought I should throw something up since we’re posting less and less. I’m not sure what Brian’s been up to exactly. ;) But I’ve just been busy with work. Normally I have a little breathing room during the day, but I can barely keep up with reading feeds let alone write anything down.

    Personally the quality isn’t very high in posts and I’d like to try and write things with a little more grammer in the future. Which usually prevents quick blurb posts because I don’t want to just repeat the current meme. It’s difficult to decide, write fast with cliches or take my time and think about what I’m writing.

    On the design front. We’ve been live for almost four years. And this place is really showing its age. Maybe last year I should have jumped on the bandwagon and used the same basic but applied the Wicked Worn Look.

    The actual date Re¢ently turns four is November 15^th^. Brian and I have been playing with some ideas on a new look. If we’re lucky we’ll at least start building by the birthday. If we somehow figure out how to slow time we’ll have it done by the birthday.

    Hopefully once we spiff the place up I’ll get to start playing with some of the backend features again and we’ll both start writing with more frequency.

    Here’s a geeky question for our eight regular readers. When we’re done cleaning do you think the version number should finally hit 1.0 or do you think we should jump all the way to 2 because it looks totally different?

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    1. Jackie said on 2005.10.28 at 01:58 am

      I definitely think you should jump up to 2.0. I think that it would really be a good idea seeing as it will be different, and plus number 2 kicks butt. hehe ;)

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