1. My life in a nutshell

    brian on 2005.11.01
    at 01:26 am

    Again, extreme apologies to our six readers. I’ve been an utter slacker and haven’t written in almost a month! How can I pick on Jess, if I don’t walk the walk?

    OK, actually, I’ve been very busy. Including hand-crafting some paper (the other white media) with Amanda that we’ll shortly shipping en masse from the US Postal Service.

    And trying to learn FileMaker Pro to create a database of our wedding info. And trying to make a wedding website. And trying to write an engagement announcement, and revive my Photoshop skills to edit the accompanying photo.

    And trying to update my own website. And trying to deal with random requests to build websites for unknown businesses from God-knows where (sorry!).

    And trying to start my 401k. And working 40 hours a week at the world’s coolest and never a dull moment company, despite having to ply my trade in an urban mall location.

    And trying to start up a couple little for-work projects in my own time, so I can get noticed and move up in the world (and hopefully out of the mall and off weekends)

    Did I mention I was trying to re-sharpen my CSS skills? (Jake has become our lone pro-level CSS ninja, as my kung-fu has weakened to dangerously low, merely-informed-hobbiest levels).

    Also I’ve batted around the idea of going back to school. A excellent candidate for an institution is walking distance from our home. Except I’d have to get my beloved company to pay for it because I have a mortgage, wedding and car to pay for. But at least I could walk to class.

    If I could go back to school, I would look to study how to use often-overlooked, simple education technology to further goals of learning. Specifically, simple, light-weight web technologies, which load fast on even remote, dial-up connections. Of course, they would have to be web-standards compliant, and platform independent. It would leverage as much free software and possible. Once that framework is in place, then I would address the great deficit of design in ed tech.

    So much great info, so little usable design. How can someone use a website to learn, if they first need to learn to use the website? What a waste!

    What would I do if I accomplished all of this? Well there is a wealth of weather data and weather webcams… and not a nice site in the mix. Nothing a little taste, CSS, and XML couldn’t address.

    Of course, we still don’t have curtains in our new home. And I have about 30 other things I should address in here. Need a new TV because this one’s on the fritz. We’ve been waiting to purchase our mountain bikes. My birthday is coming up. I also should be writing more on this blog. I should investigate local Medford politics so I can vote in a week. Or, is it tomorrow? Am I even registered here? Have I paid our electric bill? Why can’t I pay that online? When should I mount our snow tires? When will I get the car in for an oil change, and a new ignition cassette? Let’s not forget this next doctor’s appointment!

    Then of course, we’d finally redesign on our own weblog.

    But at least I got to take two days in the Adirondacks. I should post the pictures, they’re beautiful. If I can find the time…

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    1. Heather said on 2005.11.02 at 01:14 am

      brian. i advise part time school (currently i’m taking japanese language and intro to sewing), getting business cards ( for side jobs, and setting aside one afternoon/morning aside for accomplishing small goals. i’ve done these three simple things and though it may not be propelling me full force at where i would like to be, i do feel that my days are more fulfilled and that i am doing something enriching and enjoyable with a set portion of my spare time. my recent (3 months so far) re-prioritization of my time has actually level off most stress to a minimum.

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