1. iPod Porn?

    jake on 2005.11.16
    at 07:28 pm

    I was kinda upset that I didn’t get to this topic sooner because Techdirt already picked it up. That always seems to happen.

    Now that iPod’s can display video people are starting to discuss what to do when all the smut comes along. There are a few problems with this line of thinking. It’s very alarmist and uneducated.

    However, the ability of parents to monitor is seriously undermined if their children quickly can download adult content onto their iPods and then take it away from the home for easy viewing elsewhere.

    Sure it’s a little easier now, but you could already do this with things like CD’s. And never forget how resourceful kids are. Thirteen year old boys have had hidden stashes of Playboys and VHS tapes of naughty things for years. Of course kids aren’t going to be watching this in school or something. The only thing this adds is now instead of taking a CD to Jimmy’s house, you can bring a device with the display built in.

    Yet, iPods are becoming so ubiquitous and are so small, they are an easy vehicle for bringing pornography into the workplace. Employees discreetly could try to view pornography away from the watch of others. By engaging in such behavior, they often could be distracted from their true work functions, and problematically, they might contribute to an inappropriate and potentially hostile work environment to the extent the iPod porn is seen by others.

    OK, again, we’re just changing the medium in which the content is carried. Sure I have a little screen now but the only thing work can actively prevent you from doing is downloading NSFW material. They could never stop you from viewing it as long as you don’t get caught. A person could just as easily download pornographic material at home and bring it to work on a USB thumb drive.

    Obviously you should not be bringing pornography to work. Well I guess maybe if you work in the porn industry you get a by. But in general, it’s already not allowed, so you shouldn’t do it. But banning a piece of technology just because it could be used in an inappropriate way is ridiculous.

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