1. More on the $100 Laptop

    brian on 2005.11.21
    at 05:57 pm

    If you’ve been following the One Laptop per Child initiative as I have been, then you maybe interested in this 8 minute video interview with one of the engineers on the project, from the machine’s unveiling at a recent UN conference in Tunisia. (via )

    I continue to be fascinated with this project.

    They also suggest that some of the companies contracting to build the units may make a commercially available version for purchase by the general public, for perhaps $200.

    Why is this interesting to me, someone with access to dramatically faster and technically advanced computers? It’s the network, as Sun might say. The units, even when powered off, continue to act as WiFi mesh network nodes. Only one or two of the machines need to have a connection to the outside internet for all of them to.

    If this happened in your neighborhood, you would have a peppy and robust shadow internet, even when the power goes out. Imagine the implications for public safety in times of inclement weather and other emergencies. A whole neighborhood or city could keep up to date, with out everyone requiring a generator.

    Oh, the possibilities…

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