1. Family Guy, Bathroom privacy, Tim Tom Short, Jon Stewart, How cancer spreads, Ann Coulter at UConn

    jake on 2005.12.08
    at 04:11 pm

    Oh baby I have a lot of tabs…

    • How to watch your new Family Guy DVD – Latest DVD for Family Guy has uncensored audio for some episodes.
    • Camera in School Bathroom (from Digg) – Interesting comments over on Digg. Though many are fairly judgemental. The story doesn’t reference location of the camera. It was placed in the bathroom to prevent vandalism supposedly. I can imagine a bunch of places a camera could be put in a boys bathroom in my old high school where you wouldn’t see the users in compromising positions. However, the student should not be suspended and the camera should have been divulged. Students knowing about it would also provide prevention.
    • Tim Tom (from Screenhead) – A wonderful little animated short making the rounds.
    • Jon Stewart Named NSCAA Honorary All-America (from gawker) – Holy crap! Jon Stewart used to play soccer (football) in college?

    Jon Stewart playing soccer many years ago.Before Stewart launched his highly successful comedic career, he played intercollegiate soccer at the College of William and Mary. As a member of The Tribe’s team from 1981 to 1983, he scored 10 goals and was credited with 12 assists for a total of 32 career points. As a senior, he scored William and Mary’s lone goal in a 1-0 victory over Connecticut which helped propel The Tribe to the ECAC title and the school’s second appearance in the NCAA tournament.

    • Scientists discover how cancer spreads (from Digg) – According to some of the comments on Digg it’s “old news.” Either way, it’s one of those things everyone should know about.
    • Coulter’s UConn Invitation Opposed (from Wonkette) – Hooray, students from my alma mater waste a lot of money and don’t actually do anything productive. Who cares if we can have a discussion, lets just scream at her till she goes away!

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    1. Phil Renaud said on 2005.12.10 at 05:25 pm

      woah, the camera in the bathroom thing… weeeeird.

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