1. Bio Heating Fuel, part II

    brian on 2006.01.23
    at 09:02 pm

    I’m sad to report that I have been thus far unable to locate any distributors of bio fuel who would deliver to Medford, to heat my home. Despite the best efforts of this blog, Universal Hub, and Craigslist, it looks like I will be forced to buy regular old petroleum. Yuck. Luckily, we seem to stretch our oil usage.

    When we bought our place in July, the tank had just been filled (around \$400), and it is just now running on empty. So that means conceivably, by the time we need to fill up again, perhaps a local distributor will arrive on the scene.

    For anyone out there, here’s what I found for Boston-area alternative home heating oil:

    Dedham: Mass BioFuel

    Regional: Mass Energy Consumer’s Alliance

    Cape and Islands: Self Reliance Oil Cooperative

    I’m still astounded by the fact that the majority of homes that heat with oil are in the Northeast, and the majority of biofuel use is in the Northeast, yet I cannot find supplier of bio fuel delivered to my home, a mere five miles north of one of (if not) the most progressive city in the nation, perhaps the western hemisphere.

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