1. Bio Heat, part III

    brian on 2006.01.26
    at 08:24 pm

    This is the conclusion on my series on finding home heating bio fuel.

    Last time, I was facing desperation. My 275 gallon oil tank was on zero. We had the heat low and off at every opportunity. I had still not found an area supplier of the friendlier fuel.

    On a whim, I decided to call Dennis K. Burke. They host Massachusetts’ first retail biodiesel pump. You can just drive up your regular old diesel fueled car and put some soy juice in the tank and it’s actually good for your engine.

    Visiting their website, I was disappointed to see no mention of home heating fuels, bio or otherwise. But I figured if could call and ask, and then when they said no, I figured they might know if anyone in our area did carry this product.

    To my surprise, and despite what their own website omits, they did indeed sell a B5 biofuel. That’s 5% vegetable oils, 95% petroleum. I was hoping for perhaps a B20, but I was happy to find any biofuel. The good news was the cost: biofuel was a mere ten cents more than standard no. 2 home heating oil. $2.49 per gallon… factored out to a full size tank I paid about a $30 premium. But that’s $30 I invested in American farmers… and reduced the pollution my home emits. It is also voting with my wallet, by purchasing bio fuels I state there is a market for environmentally-sound every day products.

    Go forth and vote with your wallet. And invest in well-made websites. I know some people who can help with such and initiative.

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    1. christine said on 2006.01.27 at 10:31 am


      I saw your initial quest brought up on universalhub and was wondering about this myself. Yesterday on the way to work I saw a Dennis H. Burke truck with BIODIESEL painted on the side — and immediately thought of you. I just came in to visit and see that you found them.

      who knows — perhaps in a few years they’ll be B20.

      you are starting in the right place it seems. Glad you found them!

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