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    brian on 2006.02.03
    at 05:23 am

    Mass posting. Sorry. Here’s things that interested me from today:

    Cambridge city-wide WiFi by this summer, sponsored by MIT. Quote of the day: “Keville said he does not anticipate any problems because MIT’s bandwidth is ‘ridiculously high.’” When will Medford get WiFi sponsored by Tufts’ fat pipes?

    Transmit 3.5 update
    I use Transmit for our web work, and love it. Rumor has it that Transmit is faster for iDisk uploads, too. I have been able to document that scientifically, but cursory tests have resulted in a resounding “maybe.” Of course, it’s tough with Comcast’s “ridiculously low” upload bandwidth caps.

    iWeb. To try out this app, I built an experimental site for my parents business in one late-night session. Went crazy and bought them a domain, hosted it on our servers, and set them up with business email. The result was

    It’s not a big jump from the “modern” template, but I am impressed with the easy of use, and the ease to create a non-eye-sore site. I am productive in the Pages/Keynote/iWeb interface. I think this is going to be a big hit with the non-HTMLers out there.

    Of course, the code it produces is not the same as a pro-hand coder would produce. It’s use of style sheets could use some work. But it validates XHTML transitional, and I think that’s huge. One giant step in the right direction for Apple, and to think it’s only 1.0. I’d love to use this as a starting point for our hand-coded work. I hope one day the code will be there for me to really tweak out.

    Lastly, I enjoyed some RocketBoom via DTV. And I was exposed to this viral video. Now you’ll have to view it, too. Awww, yeah.

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