1. Winter Olympics come home

    brian on 2006.02.13
    at 05:03 pm

    I can’t say I minded my snow day yesterday. It fits nicely with my scheduled day off today, to make an impromptu weekend. Of course, this gives me lots of time to do something I enjoy greatly, watch the Olympics.

    We watched a women’s curling match this morning, US vs. Norway. For all the talk by men in the US about the US Women’s Snowboarding team… they should really take a look at the women’s curling team. Not that their looks helped them against a 40 year old vetran from Norway, who quietly brought her team from 4 down to a 4 point victory in the end.

    Curling is an interesting sport, born in Scotland, and much loved in Canada (94% of the estimated curlers in the world reside there). You could describe it as a mix of chess and bowling on ice, with a good deal of physics (mainly regarding friction of ice and stone) thrown in.

    Watching the cross country skiing the other day, I was reminded that I wanted to try doing that. I had (alpine) skied in middle school, switched to snowboarding in high school, and then promptly stopped in college. Skiing/ snowboarding is such a social sport, that you don’t generally do a lot of it if you don’t have anyone to accompany you on the rather long drives north to the mountains, then you generally don’t go. Same thing happened to my mountain biking habit.

    Well, now that I’ve settled down after college, it’s time to bring these things back. Problem being my significant other isn’t a big fan of heights, so getting her on a high-speed quad probably isn’t going to happen (I hold out hope that she’d spend time on a bunny slope with me though). But she has voiced an interest in x-c skiing. She likes the fact that it’s fantastic aerobic exercise.

    So next year, after we’ve paid off the wedding, and have some discretionary spending, three things will vie for our dollars: mountain bikes, snowshoes or xc skis. I’m betting on the bikes, but I’m certain at least one trip to rent and use xc skis will be in order. And boy, will we be tired.

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