1. Stem cells to the rescue!

    jake on 2003.03.07
    at 06:01 pm

    Wired reported this morning that Dimitri Bonnville was treated with stem cells to fix his damaged heart. His other option was a heart transplant.

    Other studies have suggested that simply injecting stem cells into a damaged area might be enough to instigate tissue repair. But most of the work has been done with younger stem cells taken from embryos or aborted fetuses.

    This appears to be the first piece of evidence that stem cells taken from someone as old as 16 have differentiated so effectively. Still, O'Neill says he's not sure the results could be duplicated in older people.

    It's too bad they don't know more about the procedure. There's references in the article that they're not positive how the miraculous recovery occured. But they sure are glad it worked. I just like the idea it may strike a blow for stem cell research.

    I'm not a fan of harvesting cells derived from abortions. But other techniques like this seem feasible. Perhaps, cells could be harvested at a young age in the case they are needed years later. Similar to how some people store their own blood for personal use.

    Wired News

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