1. Kevin Smith talks back

    jake on 2006.04.03
    at 11:50 pm

    Kevin Smith came under fire for a speech he gave at the University of Pennsylvania. He recounted the story of his buddy Jason Mewes battle with addiction. The problem is that everyone is jumping on the few sentences that include Jay sleeping with Nicole Richie. Which I have to imagine only happened because of her being in the spotlight. I won’t debate her worthiness of such attention but I’d like to point out Kevin’s attempt to get the whole story out.

    Since the gossip sites have seen fit to print only the portion of the Jason Mewes story I told at UPenn (that portion being what said sites seem to feel is the only interesting aspect of Mewes’ life), I figured why not put the whole tale of Jason’s battle with drug addiction into print here, where folks can get a better idea of who Jason truly is and maybe why he fell victim to heroin abuse in the first place.

    The story is a good example of what drug addiction can do to you and the people around you.

    Update: Added more parts.
    Update 2: And another part…
    Update 3: man, how many parts are there gonna be?
    Update 4: Finally, the conclusion.

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