1. Save the Internet - Save Network Neutrality!

    brian on 2006.04.24
    at 01:42 am

    Save The Internet

    I hope to bring your attention to something that’s kind of important, but is gliding under the radar right now. It’s called Network Neutrality, and it’s essentially the first amendment of the Internet…

    Congress is pushing through a law that would permit large telephone and cable companies, like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast, to control what you do, where you go and what you watch online.

    Right now, these companies who are net work operators and internet service providers (they hook you to the net) want to give priority to certain packets of data from certain interests. What’s that mean to you? Barnes and Noble can pay AT&T to make sure their site loads faster than your local library’s site, or your favorite web bookseller’s… that’s under handed, but we’ve come to expect that from certain companies.

    But how about if you bought Internet Protocol phone service from Vonage for use over your broadband internet connection? Works now, because network neutrality exists. However, if this bill passes, you can guarantee that Verizon’s IP phone service will be the clearest on their wires… Comcast’ll have the best IP phone on theirs…. and Vonage’s will suck everywhere.

    So without network neutrality, your ISP will decide who you get to associate with on their wires. They don’t like AOL? Say good bye to your buddy list. Google doesn’t pay their tax? Bye bye useful and fast search and GMail…

    Get the point? Great, now go complain to your appointed congressional representative. I suggest visiting… for info on how, and a nice form that’ll allow you to write your rep with little or no effort. They’ll link you to this form here:

    If you support Network Neutrality, you’ll continue to reap the amazing benefits of innovation that has been fostered on an open internet. If you sit on your hands… then the net will become TV with a keyboard… you pay for it but what’s on it is their choice, not yours.

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