1. Sad, Rainy Day

    brian on 2006.06.07
    at 07:05 pm

    I guess it’s appropriate.

    Yesterday was 06/06/06. No Satan rising, but my beloved 12” PowerBook’s harddrive did have 6.66GB of available space on it. Spooky? You bet. Especially considering it’s dead now. No joke. Despite getting a “Verified” thumbs up from SMART status, my drive cannot do a surface scan, nor an integrity check in Drive Genius. That and it keeps on hanging.

    Luckily, unlike most of the computing populace, I had good backups. Not everything, so I could have lost some sutff… but I was able to pull off several more small (but not critical) things via the lovely FireWire Target Disk Mode. I wasn’t able to fully clone the drive in CCC, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. Besides, after I replace the drive (one’s on order) I wouldn’t want to put it back together exactly the same way it was before… I would have the opportunity to leave out a lot of junk. Nice clean install of 10.4. Of course, having the clone would have been nice since I could have imported all the user data via the Mirgration Assistant, which is a phenomenal tool. Nicely, I have one month of AppleCare left, so that hard drive is free, baby!

    So, fittingly, starting last night and probably through till Saturday, it will be raining here. Ugh.

    Was this a sign? Is it time for a new MacBook? Absolutely, but this wasn’t the catalyst. It has everything to do with Amanda needing a new computer… the indigo iBook she has is over 6 years old. What a trooper!

    Related: it’s nice to blog back here again. I’ve posted a few personal-type blog entries over at ““ while we develop a homegrown personal section here at Re¢ently. (mini review: snazzy, but lacks Textile, so that’s a big bummer for me) Soon, I’ll have more technical stuff to talk about here since I’m finally done getting married. Oh, BTW, I got married. :-)

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