1. Searching for low cost flights

    jake on 2006.06.23
    at 01:51 pm

    One of my best friends just left for an excursion abroad. One where if I want to see her I’ll have to fly to the other side of the planet. I’m trying to look beyond the lost day from flying and imagine all the things I can see by visiting her.

    The worst part I’ve found so far is locating a plane ticket that doesn’t cost more than a trip to Walt Disney World would. First Orbitz failed me with a ticket over two-grand. Travelocity let me seach in huge blocks and I found a ticket to at least Sydney for 2/3 Orbitz’s price.

    I’m hoping that FlySpy or FareCast will possibly help with prices. But they’re not released to the pulic yet.

    Kottke had a look at FlySpy back in February. It seems to inform you when to book a flight based on a block of available departures. Similar to how I searched Travelocity by selecting an entire month I could hypothetically leave on some random Tuesday that is the cheapest price.

    FareCast beta LogoJason wanted a little more and discovered it in FareCast (Cory talked about it a week earlier). FareCast looks more at collected data and attempts to tell you when you should buy.

    It shows you the price history of a particular ticket and tells you what the price forecast is…if the price is trending up/down, how much confidence they have in that prediction, and whether you should buy your ticket now or not.

    Either way I hope that one of these two new sites will help me save some money to get to Australia. Anybody wanna pass me an invite to FareCast so I can check it out? Puhleeeeez…?

    I’m starting to read and sift through Jason and Cory’s sources.

    Update 1:

    Thanks Heather, FareChase is similar and another thing to check out. On the surface it’s still lacking the “time block” feature. With only a vague window of departure and open duration that will be the clincher for me.

    Also FareCast is out of closed beta. There are still only two airports for departure but at least everyone can check out the basic functionality. Currently FareCast is more of a novelty for me. I’m keeping my fingers crossed they’ll add some international destinations in the near future.

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    1. heather said on 2006.06.26 at 11:53 pm

      try farechase by yahoo.

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