1. BumpTop 3D interface

    brian on 2006.06.24
    at 05:31 pm

    A lot of people are talking about an interface experiment called BumpTop

    I viewed the YouTube video (after the QuickTime torrent and standard QuickTime download both proved broken) and was thouroughly impressed. Some great ideas here.

    However, I must also add that I won’t give my GUI up for it anytime soon. It simply doesn’t have enough context. The little icons only have file types… who cares if I can actually pick up and throw files… if I don’t know what they are. Given some context, this would be really cool.

    Downfall number two: this would have to be used in a situation where you don’t need to type much, since it’s pen-driven. I could see how it could be adapted to a mouse/trackpad, however.

    last comment: my computer is much more thoroughly organized than my physical life, and this is because of the 2D restraints placed upon my actions there. Why would I want to go 3D and be able to make a mess? Of course, every day I see many people who make a mess in the 2D world too, so perhaps this is an arbitrary note.

    You can find more info at their website.

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