1. Wireless carriers make my head spin. Verizon vs. Cingular Part III

    jake on 2006.06.28
    at 01:12 pm

    Last year I opted for a one-year contract with Verizon so that I could reevaluate my choices quicker. I received a call a couple days ago from Verizon to resign my contract. I queried and luckily I have till August to actually make a decision.

    But now Cingular’s parent company has to go off and screw consumers over again. (from Digg.) Is it really in my best interest to move to a new carrier who could sell my information because they’re feeling especially evil that day? I’m not one-hundred percent comfortable with T-Mobile in my area so I might have to make a lesser-of-two-evils decision.

    Sony Ericsson w810iMy new phone of the day is the Sony Ericsson w810i. Along with quad-band and an upgrade to the camera it also sports all the things I liked about the k750i. Including the high price to buy it unlocked.

    Perhaps I will run a test with T-Mobile to see how well their coverage works in my area. But if that doesn’t work sufficiently I’ll be debating forever in my head whether I should move to new big, crappy company or stay with my old big, crappy company.

    Too bad I can’t just keep it simple… I can get the Ask A Ninja ringtone for either phone, so that doesn’t help. Or just base it on the w810i functioning when I visit Australia.

    And at least if I do switch to Cingular, my new email address ****@*****.*** [email withheld to prevent people like AT&T from acquiring it] will let them know how I feel about them.

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    1. Phil Renaud said on 2006.07.13 at 06:50 am

      ughh, man, wireless providers are akin to third-world governments in terms of competence toward the consuming public. In Canada, it’s no better. We’re kinda sorta limited to just a few crappy ones.

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