1. Verizon vs. Cingular Part IV: GSM Triumphant

    jake on 2006.08.18
    at 06:46 pm

    Sony Ericsson W810iThe Sony Ericsson W810i has been purchased. Cingular is now collecting my money. Nothing significantly negative has changed.

    The phone is easily the best I’ve ever owned. It’s great that I can synchronize it with Apple’s iSync. Thus Bluetooth is more functional (And I originally thought my low cost headset was the problem, now I see it was the LG phone and Verizon’s proprietary software… though more likely the software). I’m enjoying the interface too. SE did a pretty good job on the software. And easily copying mp3’s to be used as ringtones is a lot nicer than paying $1.99 or whatever Verizon is currently charging.

    Back of Sony Ericsson W810iThe camera is only a slight step up on paper but in reality the pictures come out a lot better. Maybe it will even get me to take more random pictures.

    My reception doesn’t seem to have diminished. I can’t imagine problems in most of the locations I frequent.

    For the actual purchase I went through Cellhut to get the best price. I gently sobbed when I noticed a couple weeks later that Amazon had the phone for about the same price. Amazon is defintely a guilty pleasure (I even have an Amazon Prime account).

    As a bonus I’m now totally ready to go to the other side of the world. Of course we haven’t figured out the little details… like what body of land I’m going to… or how we’re going to get around… (Mainland Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand) but I can rest easy knowing my cell phone is just a sim card away from working.

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