1. Flickr Maps

    brian on 2006.08.30
    at 05:33 pm

    Have you had a look at Flickr maps yet? I have. And I’m impressed. It’s fairly simple to add your pics to the map (drag and drop them in the Organizr), although it’s not perfect. For example, when you drag a picture, the image that follows the mouse is a thumbnail, which has a point at its bottom. Cool idea, except when you drop the image, the point that’s created isn’t where the point of your mouse was. So it’s somewhat difficult to align it nicely. When dragging, the arrow that is going to pinpoint the map location of your picture should be centered on your cursor’s point, with the picture thumbnail growing out of that… picture using a quill… the thumbnail would be the feathery part, the point is where your make your mark in ink.

    Check it out. Geotagging for the masses.

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