1. Steve Irwin Killed In Accident

    jake on 2006.09.04
    at 07:24 pm

    It is difficult to imagine the shock of a beloved celebrity’s death. Even if that celebrity is Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter. Someone who works with dangerous animals and is harms way regularly. But that shock still hits you hard. And because of my forthcoming trip to Australia/(possibly)New Zealand this has hit me fairly hard. Now I could be paying my respects at his zoo instead of simply exploring and hoping to catch a glimpse of Steve or his family.

    Irwin was killed by a stingray while filming today. Compared to the beasts he usually completes with this could only be described as a freak accident.

    “Something happened with this animal that made it rear and he was at the wrong position at the wrong time and if it hit him anywhere else we would not be talking about a fatality.”
    Terri and kids rush home

    I wish his wife and two children all the best.

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